Script Debugger

Script Debugger 4.5.5

Useful debugging tool to detect AppleScript errors

Developers who spend half of their time frustrated over infuriating Apple Script errors will love Script Debugger. View full description


  • Detects bugs and errors instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Suggest script solutions


  • May not be suitable for very complex scripting errors

Very good

Developers who spend half of their time frustrated over infuriating Apple Script errors will love Script Debugger.

Script Debugger examines Apple Scripts for errors and highlights those that are likely to be causing you problems. Script Debugger goes beyond diagnosis, however, by suggesting solutions automatically with its integrated AppleScript dictionary. It's simple enough for novice developers but at the same time, should be enough to satisfy the needs of intermediate and advanced Apple Script writers.

Script Debugger is extremely simple to use if you just want to perform a one-off check. You can view errors very simply just by copying and pasting script into the compiler itself. However, to search scripts thoroughly and be provided with possible solutions, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions detailed in the Quick Start guide, which include creating a working folder. The instructions are very clear and detailed, and within 20-30 minutes any beginner should be able to master Script Debugger with ease.

If you've been tearing your hair out over Apple Script errors, Script Debugger could save you hours of wasted time.


  • New Features
  • * A new 32-Bit Only option has been added to the Save As panel allowing you to create 32-Bit applets directly from Script Debugger. This avoids having to visit the Finder's Get Info window to select the 32-Bit Only execution option. Script Debugger also warns you when saving a 64-bit capable Applet/Droplet that uses 32-bit only Scripting Additions.
  • * Script Debugger's Apple Event Log window logs error information when commands fail.
  • Bug Fixes
  • * This version of Script Debugger contains several changes that improve application stability.
  • * When exporting a Run-Only script over an existing file, Script Debugger ensures that pre-existing recovery and QuickLook preview data is removed.
  • * When opening text scripts Script Debugger now assumes UTF-8 encoding unless the file contains an explicit encoding indication (BOM, etc.). Script Debugger also correctly handles opening of legacy MacRoman text scripts.
  • * When Script Debugger's Open and Save panels are in column view, they once again respond correctly to keyboard driven selections by presenting document previews or sub-folder contents.
  • * The Script Debugger 4.0 OSA component is removed (if it is still present) to avoid the possibility of memory corruptions that might destabilize Script Debugger 4.5.
  • * Script Debugger auto-saves documents each time they are compiled. This may slow things down slightly, but it will improve Script Debugger's ability to recover the contents of open documents in the event of a crash. Previously, Script Debugger auto-saved only before a document was executed.
  • * is no longer mistaken as a Scripting Addition.
  • * Script Debugger no longer needlessly updates the value displayed in open Viewer windows each time a script pauses. Viewer windows now only update when the value of the variable/property being viewed actually changes.
  • * Resolved a bug that caused Script Debugger to crash when AppleScript reports error text ranges that lie beyond the end of the script. This happens most commonly when you have an unclosed quoted string within a block comment.
  • * The 'under' handler parameter is no longer mishandled by the AppleScript Debugger.
  • * Script Debugger once again opens the iCal dictionary along with any other application that takes advantage of the XML xinclude directive in its dictionary meta-data.
  • * The Manifest command once again correctly reports applications referenced in scripts.
  • * Script Debugger is much more forgiving when opening scripts with missing or incorrect filename extensions.

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Script Debugger


Script Debugger 4.5.5